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Family and Medical Leave

Family and Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act allows eligible employees to take an extended, unpaid time away from work with job protection for medical and family reasons. Employers with at least 50 employees within a 75-mile radius must comply with the Federal and Medical Leave Act. The FMLA allows employees 12 weeks unpaid leave during a 12 month period, as long as they have worked at least 1,250 hours.

Reasons to take Family and Medical Leave:
  • Birth of a child, adoption, or foster care
  • The care for an employee’s spouse, child and family member suffering from a serious health condition
  • When the employee has a serious health condition affecting his or her ability to perform the functions of his or her job
  • A family members injury or sickness caused from military service

Employers find themselves in trouble when denying their employees coverage under the FMLA:
  • When employers are not aware of serious health conditions with the employee or a family member relating to the employee
  • Employers cannot use FMLA absences against an employee
  • Violating the law by refusing employees to take the qualifying leave of absences

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